E-biking’s Latest Trend: Retro Styling, Modern Tech

A recent article on the website Classic Driver highlights a burgeoning trend in the world of e-bikes. Retro cool looks coupled with modern e-bike technology.

photo: Vintage Electric

One of the latest entries is the Outlaw Tracker (at left). In collaboration with Emory Motorsports, Vintage Electric has created a stylish ride with classic Art Deco styling, a 35 mile maximum range, and 36 mph top speed in ‘Race’ mode. The most distinctive feature may be the battery casing. Styled to look like a V-twin motorcycle engine, it is an aluminum housing for the electronic components and a 702 watt lithium ion battery. Vintage Electric claims their patent pending design helps dissipate heat, increasing efficiency through lower temperatures. Front and rear disk brakes, a single speed conventional drivetrain, and classic Carrera silver paint job add to the old-meets-new aesthetic.

detail view of Outlaw front section

Combining Old and New with Porsche Restoration Company

Project collaborator Emory Motorsports is an Oregon company known for their ‘Outlaw’ Porsches – taking original vintage Porsches and updating them with a mix of old and new parts.  The Outlaw Tracker definitely fits right in as one of the family – with its classic looks and modern performance. If the Tracker has you drooling, you’ll want to act fast however. Only 50 of these limited edition e-bikes will be built!

Vintage Electric’s Cruz ebike

Don’t despair if you miss out on this limited edition run however. You can still scratch your retro-modern itch with one of Vintage Electric’s other designs; the Scrambler, Cruz, Tracker, or Cafe – which offer similar performance in four distinct styles for e-bikers wanting some show with their go.


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